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Why I Love You book

Why I Love You edition is made for couples. Each chapter of the book will lead you to remember special moments, that made you feel great together. During your writing process, you will realize, what were the most beautiful things you’ve experienced together, what do you love the most about your partner and what are your common dreams and wishes.
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Kategorie: Dárky

Why I Love You book contains

  • 30 pages, 5 chapters, 15 open sentences
  • 15 original illustrations
  • A lot of room for your original content
  • 130 g high quality paper
  • A6 dimensions – can fit in your pocket

Table of contents

  • The story of how we met
  • We fell in love
  • Unforgettable moments
  • Things I adore about you
  • I can’t imagine living without you

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Why I Love You book reviews

“I was amazed by the book, my boyfriend isn’t romantic at all, so I wasn’t sure until the last moment, if I should even give it to him. At the end I was very surprised… after a couple of pages, he started crying. I’ve never seen him so touched in my life. The book is working for 100%.”


“This book is a great gift for your significant other. We like the space for own thoughts. It is really taylor made for anyone. We can’t wait to open in again and read through our memories.”


“I’ve always been sceptical to these kind of “sweet” things. I was very surprised when I got the book from my husband. I totally changed my mind, it was very moving experience to read the book and it made me very happy.”


“When I was writing the book, I realized how much beautiful moments we’ve had together. The book open my eyes in seeing that what we have is not to be taken for granted. And the best thing was how happy it made him.”


“This was the greatest gift I’ve ever got. This is something you just can’t buy yourself. I was very touched by it.”


Why should you give Why I Love You book to someone


The right time to let your special one know, how much you love them is always. Milju book is a perfect birthday, anniversary of Christmas gift. Or a gift for no special reason.

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The greatest feeling in the world is to know that somebody truly loves you. Imagine when you can point out reasons, why you love someone, what are you grateful for and how they inspire you.

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The book will lead your thought in every steps to write your story from the past to the present and future.

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You don’t have to be a professional writer to make the other one understand your deep feelings. The book is designed in a way so the filling in would not take longer than 30 minutes.



That is how you can make your Milju book very special. You can even stick in a photo, draw a picture or put in tickets to the theater.

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Would you rather write a story on two whole pages or just answer by single word? It’s completely up to you. The book is made for both options. The design will look great in both cases.

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The book is made for couples, people in love. It is not for the members of your family (ex.your daughter). You can get another type of Milju book for this purpose.

Absolutely. The book is made in a way it makes no difference if you give it to a man or a woman.

This can be very different for different people. Someone like to spend more time drawing and decorating the book, someone can be finished within 30 minutes. 1 hour is a safe option.

We recommend to use black pen. If you use a marker, let each page dry out a bit so the text doesn’t get blurry.

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