I created Milju to help people bring more love and special moments into their lives

There's no better feeling in the world than knowing you are loved


About Milju

I've created this book to help you let the person you care for know how much you love them. Each chapter is dedicated to remembering specific moments in your life where you felt wonderful together. Filling in pages of this book makes you think about those bonding moments of your relationship, about those little things you love about your partner. About your plans, dreams and special moments to come.

Milju contens

  • 32 pages, 5 chapters, 15 sentences to fill in
  • 15 original ilustrations
  • Enough space to personalize your love story
  • Quality paper 130 grammes
  • Hardback size A6 - perfectly fits to a pocket

Price: 330 Kč

Delivery is not included

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Perfect gift

There's always a right time to let the person you care for how much you love them.  Milju book is a perfect gift for birthday, anniversary, Christmas or just for joy.

Logic structure

You'll find specific steps for writing your love story. There's a clear structure from the past, presence until future.

  • Chapter 1 and 2 are about the beginning of your relationship
  • Chapter 3 about shared memories
  • Chapter 4 is about presence
  • Chapter 5 focuses on the future plans and dreams

Easy to fill in

You don't need to write a novel to touch your loved one. Spend just about 15 minutes of writing and make your love happy and loved.

Multiple shared joy

There's no better feeling in the world than knowing you are loved. Imagine that you'll list all the specific reasons why you love your partner, what he/she inspires to and what are your shared dreams.

Scientifically proven

The more people share their emotions, desires and fears, the more they feel close to each other. Study called The experimental generation of interpersonal closeness proves it. Give your loved one a gift that will help get closer to each other.

Personalize the design 

Are you a long-novel writer or do you prefere to be brief?  Feel free to enlarge on your thoughts but at the same time the book is designed in a way that even one sentence would look nice. 


“It's the best gift I ever received. It's a gift that I cannot buy myself. I was touched by the worlds she wrote inside."


 " I was truly amazed. My boyfriend is not a romantic soul so I was worried if it's for him. But in the end I couldn't believe my eyes. After reading few pages my boyfriend was crying. I have never seen him so touched. The Milju book is 100% success". 

Lucie A.

"When I filled in the book I realized how much special moments we experienced and how grateful I am to have him. The best was how happy the book made him".


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